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An all mail-in vote will inevitably result in half the country rejecting the results, leading to a recount that will drag into next summer.,?

...Can a nation like already racked with partisan division, mistrust and chaos, survive such quake? 

- We could set up a biometric database and prove each vote based on that. 

- Biometric is just fingerprints, palm prints, iris scans and the like. 

- I hate the govt having any more power if not absolutely necessary for to preserve the union. 

- Well, this will likely be the ONLY way to do that. 

- Which would you prefer: 

- - The collapse of the United States of America which WILL happen? 

- - Or allowing a completely blind record set at the national level? 

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  • Al
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    Where I live, we had a school levy denied 5 times and then the pandemic came along and forced us into mail in voting and the school levy passed by a small margin because some ballots were disqualified because some people did not list their party on the ballot, I will tell you from past experience that in person voting in my district was non provisional, so the rule was modified in favor of the levy, so yes Trump is 100% right to be concerned, there is reason this country can't do in person voting with social distancing restrictions in place, it can be done easily.

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    The US according to Trump says the mail in vote is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the CIA is corrupt, the department of Justice corrupt, and so on.  This is Trump's trademark move, demonize anyone & anything that tells the truth.  

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    Democrats far outnumber RepubliCONS and we need to ensure everyone can safely vote. The only reason RepubliCONS hate mail in so much is because they know they need a low turnout to win. That's their only chance 

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  • Caesar
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    The Twentieth Amendment (Amendment XX) to the United States Constitution moved the beginning and ending of the terms of the president and vice president from March 4 to January 20, and of members of Congress from March 4 to January 3. It also has provisions that determine what is to be done when there is no president-elect. 

    If that happen the  United States Constitution say the president and vice president are not the president and vice president at noon January 20... the possible hypothetical scenarios.... not  include Trump or Pence

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    You need to stop and ask yourselves whether presidential elections are important to get right or not.

    So far, with mail-in voting, we have seen 28.4 million ballots go astray since 2012. 500,000 absentee ballot application forms going out to dead people and people who have already applied and all have the wrong return address. 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC. NJ officials charged after 1 in 5 votes are found to be fraudulent. 100,000 ballots undeliverable in Rhode Island. Unclaimed ballots stacking up in Nevada. 83 ballots going to one man and dead cats getting registration forms.

    With some elections pivoting on a few thousand or even a few hundred votes you have to ask if a postal system is practical.

    All that is before we determine whether the vote counters can actually cope with the processing of that many ballots and whether the postal service can cope as well.

    Still, if it is a complete mess then the House can decide the President instead. What could possibly go wrong?

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    it won't but keep up the faux paranoia it's giving me the giggles

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    If part of the public wants all mail in voting then legislation to that effect should be drafted and voted on in the next election .

    If passed , then the transition should be made between election cycles , not a couple of months before a crucial election .

  • Yavan
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    1 month ago

    I don't mind a recount, as long as Trump awaits the results outside the White House.

  • Leo
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