True or false, child support is a social expirement that has failed society,  & should loose funding in the upcoming state budgets that can ?

not cover their, expenses.  Partly due to the insubordinate child support department that in fact does absolutely nothing of value!


boo hoo, an extra letter, cry to your mommy captain no answer the question 

Update 2:

Forgive me for having passion for the horizon of the failure of an unconstitutional department!!!

Update 3:

You never did answer my question with all your blabbing about spelling, that has no meaning to my life, but the fact I pay for a dcyf raised adult child that the state sued the mother, but can get no help from the state for the two minor children I raise on my own, while their mother serves a dozen years of incarceration.  This country is socialist and if it continues it will fail.

Update 4:

Wiener stien, it is an experiment,  and it is why liberals control the air ways, who fukking retarded are you?

Update 5:

thank you so very much snon, paid by the father, an absolute disgrace to the constitution and human rights privileged by our laws, thank you for seeing the CLEAR picture  anon. 🖕

Update 6:


Update 7:

how can the unexpieriencned have any say, when they've no faking clue of the insubordination?

4 Answers

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The infrastructure that facilitates child support payments in some places might be incompetent. But the concept that when two people make a child they both need to financially support that child remains sound. This idea that your failed romance makes the taxpayers responsible for raising your kid is criminal .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Child support is granted by the court and is paid by the father of the child to provide basic needs.  It has nothing to do with government money.

  • 1 month ago

    Doubly false.  It's not an experiment and it hasn't failed.

  • Apparently, public education was an experiment that failed you, because you wrote "loose" rather than "lose."


    If you're going to spout off nonsense and rhetoric, it would be in your best interest to proofread before you post.  Nothing comes across more as not only ignorance, but arrogance, than poor spelling, especially when you're trying to act like you're some authority on a subject.  And now you've doubled down on your arrogance, with your pathetic attempt to dismiss my response.  Boo-hoo, indeed.

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