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Please help me with this symptom--so so scared?

Whenever I do anything that makes blood flow to my head more (e.g.exercise, bending over, getting up from a lying down position), I can often feel my heartbeat in my head. It's more a feeling than a sound like tinnitus, because I feel the heartbeat much like how people would feel their heartbeat in my chest (but in my head instead). This comes for approx 15 seconds or so, sometimes it is so strong that it literally feels like my heart has moved up to my head and my head feels heavy and pressurised.

Furthermore, I have discovered that whenever I do something that involves jumping, such as when I go on runs, I will feel painful clicking/banging sounds in my head that feels like my brain is banging against my skull, only recently have I discovered that those clicks/bangs are actually in sync with my pulse. After a while they stop and the pulsing feelings come on. Whenever these symptoms happen, my pulse isn't even fast. I know my heart is fine because I used to do long distance running all the time. Please, please anyone help!!! When u tell my doctor all they give me is an ECG which I have done in the past and I know it is unlikely to be anything to do with my heart. They literally don't listen. I've literally developed anxiety doing simple things like going up the stairs (because it always happens when I go up the stairs for some reason) and scared im going to die of a brain bleed at any second. I'm so so frustrated and confused pls help anyone 


It's definitely not in my ears. I've had pulsatile tinnitus before and this is different. It's like when you can feel your heartbeat in your chest--but i can feel it in my head instead. 

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    You should watch the film "Concussion" with Will Smith.  We are trained to believe that it is healthy to exercise.  However, you are a testimony of how severely damaged the brain becomes from this belief.

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    That noise is in your ear not your head. Whenever we do anything energetic we can hear a pulse in our ears. You are overaware of this, what a way to spend your life?

    Perhaps you need your ears syringed, could be wax over your eardrum.

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