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How often should I juggle rabid coyotes to reduce my insanity?

Yesterday, I was juggling a few rabid coyotes for over an hour and my kitchen ended up burning down, because I received an answer from someone explaining that I should juggle rabid coyotes as a way to reduce my insanity while I was cooking a turkey in the oven... now I'm left with a huge mess in my kitchen, how should I even start to come to terms with this? I am getting more and more stressed & emotional as this day goes on.


😢 😭

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    The first thing to do is clean your kitchen, as it's much easier to come up with some new ideas when there is less clutter surrounding you.  Seems to me, that the rabidness is causing the coyotes from being more co-operative. Drop them off to the vet then pay for a vaccination.  Try juggling something else that doesn't inflict pain insanity.  The trouble with coyotes is they aren't aware of your needs, you might try squirrels; they are quite smart, but they can become real nuisances, and might cause you to become a little 'squirrelly!'  Lol... other than that, try a less animate animal... to juggle and just get on with the cooking.  btw, you could try blocking the thoughts of insanity... realizing that this might make them less real.  

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    I do not recommend that as they could harm you

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    Three at a time would be OK.

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