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How many million were unemployed in Germany before Hitler came into power approximately ?

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    From mid-1929 to January 1933, the number of Germans who had full-time jobs fell from 20 million to 11.5 million; by the start of 1933, at least 6 million Germans were unemployed. 

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    Oh, about 16,000 million, give or take 3 or 4. Perhaps more. Hope this helped.

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    Dave (currently 'nonpartisan)

    You have given this figure for US unemployment before. In fact, at its worst, in 1933 it was 24.9%

    Hitler slashed unemployment figures by not including women, Jews, and men drafted into military service, and offering the jobless a choice between accepting whatever job the state offered, and going to a concentration camp

    Socialism - certainly in European countries, does not offer to 'let the state take care of you' - people able to work pay for health care and pensions from their taxes.

    Dave you say that Hitler's build up of armaments was based on a stupid and exaggerated headline in The Daily Express which no one took seriously - surely not.

    You also say "Britain and the United States were Zionist puppets and were already armed to the hilt."

    Of course they weren't 'Zionist puppets' (whatever that means) - if "the Zionists" had had such extraordinary powers, why would they have allowed Hitler to take over Germany at all? And you repeatedly claim that in 1939 Britain's military capacity was the equivalent of a girl scout troupe armed with sling shots - how does that square with your claim that they were 'armed to the hilt'?

    And when did Hitler need to defend Germany? HE attacked Poland, and Britain, unprepared for war because it was the last thing she wanted, was unable to stop him - and the US didn't enter the war until Pearl Harbour.

    When someone very sensibly asked you why, if you were right, and Britain was determined to attack Germany, that she was so hopelessly unprepared you replied "that was the way things went down."

    Rubbish. As usual you're not making sense.

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    The unemployment rate was around 30%. To get a grasp on how that affected Germany, the United States WORST unemployment rate was around 12%.

    Thus, you can get a grasp on what things were like and why the people were so grateful when Hitler came to power and almost eliminated unemployment entirely.

    This, BTW, touched on the Capitalism that he despised. He created job growth so the people could work to improve their own economy. It wasn't a matter of "let the government take care of you" as pure Socialism prescribes.

    Thank you Tina for correcting me. I forgot to account for FDR's failed New Deal policies. And thank you also for acknowledging the reason FDR incited the European conflict - to create employment.

    Hitler never used war as a solution to employment. His armament increase was a response to the growing threats from the West. They were against Germany's efforts to regain its sovereignty - and Zionism had already declared war on Germany.

    Britain and the United States were Zionist puppets and were already armed to the hilt. The Versailles Treaty edict that Germany was only allowed minimal military forces for a small-scale defense created a very lopsided balance of power.

    If Germany hadn't armed itself for its own defense, there wouldn't have been a war - the West would have just marched in and taken over.

    You'd, of course, liked to have seen this, but it would have deprived you and the other Philosemitics of spreading your ignorant hate and "Holocaust" propaganda.

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    a LOT, but that was mainly do to them LOSING WWI ...................

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