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[California] Currently furloughed and found a different job. If i quit new current job will i lord unemployment?

Hi i hope all is well. I don't use reddit very often so forgive me if this isn't allowed or if im doing this wrong. I am currently furloughed at my current job since march and on unemployment due to the pandemic. I recently found a temp job and had one shift so far.I was planning on taking myself off unemployment until i got my first paycheck

Unfortunately with their demanding hours, high exposure to covid, and next semester of class starting i've been having thoughts of quitting. If i quit my current job will i lose my unemployment for the job that i was furloughed with? I'm not trying to cheat any system or anything illegal i genuinely do not know and would like clarification if possible. Thank you and i hope everyone is staying safe.

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    Yes, you will lose it.  You can't use risking exposure as an excuse for not showing up for work.  Wear a mask and social distance, wash your hands often, don't touch your face, especially your eyes, and don't let anyone breathe on you.  Just be careful.  And don't be an *** and expect your employer to supply you with a covid mask.  Idiots in meat plants did that, failed to wear them, failed to social distance, got covid and blamed the employer.  It is YOUR responsibility to get a covid mask and wear it - tight fitting.

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    1. I NEVER use reddit, and this IS NOT reddit.

    2. You lost eligibility for unemployment the minute you were offered your current job.

    3. You most certainly ARE trying to game the system. Your sincere belief you are not doesn't change that fact.4. If you have only worked 1 shift, there is NO WAY you have dealt with demanding hours.

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    If you quit or start a new job you lose unemployment.  Now if you quit your new job you will also lose employment.   Big mistake to start a new job when you were getting unemployment.    You will definately lose unemployment now because you quit your job.   You can get partial unemployment for having a part time job.  Then you get to continue unemployment only if they lay you off, but not if you quit. 

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    First, once you start working, you have to stop claiming unemployment immediately.  You cannot wait until you get your first paycheck.  You are not allowed to collect unemployment for the weeks that you work, even if you have not yet been paid.

    Second, to answer your question:If you voluntarily quit without a good reason, you lose all unemployment.If you quit because you don't have time to work due to school, then you lose all unemployment.If you have a good reason that you have to quit this job, but you are available for other jobs, then you might be able to continue collecting unemployment.

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    No quitters are not eligible.      

    Now, if you were an Illegal Alien you might collect from another program.

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