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How is "Booming Bulls Academy any different from other stock market training institutes?

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  • 5 months ago

    Booming Bulls Academy Which run under the Guidence of Anish Singh Thakur ( Stock Market Expert . Successful Trader and a Wonderful trainer as well)

    ..In this Academy The CEO (Anish) itself give classes to the Students ..who have A 2.5 years of Experience in This Market .....And The Moto Of Booming Bulls Acdemy Defines itself all..


    And They Truly Mean it ....Their Way of Teaching .and Course content Is Simple And Fluently..They Start From Basic (Class 1)to Advanced (Graduations)..The Trainer Is Very Humble and Polite..

    i have an Ultimate Experience With This Academy. and Many more on the ways ..

    #Thank You Booming Bulls

    #Thank You Mentor

    Source(s): Booming Bulls Academy Whoes CEO Is Anish Singh Thakur
  • 5 months ago

    Booming Bulls Is Reputed Stock Market Training Institute Because This Institute Focus On Our Students Progress & Simplied Things To Teach Our Content. 

    Mr. Anish Singh Thakur Is The CEO Of Booming Bulls Academy & The Mentor Of Academy. His Teaching Style Is Very Decent.

    Where Other Stock Traing Institutes Provides Recorded Lectures No New Content Added 

    Here Booming Bulls Academy In Every Half Month, Month Add Some New Content To Our Students For Guiding & Teaching Our Students.

    Also Booming Bulls Gives A Offer To His New Student, In This Offer Any New Can Take Admission In 3000 Rupees And Take 3 Classes After 3 Classes He / She Satisfied His Classes So He/She Can Pursue His Training Otherwise Whose Student Who Not Satisfied His Teaching & Not Understand Any Class 

    So He / She Can Claim Full Refund Amount, No Question Asking This Academy.

    Booming Bulls Academy Is Different From Other Stock Market Training Institutes Because His Mentor Make Lots Of Efforts For His Students, His Teaching Style, His Content, His Every Two Week Post Analysis, His Professional Trader Group, His Personal What's app Information Group & Many Other Things Who Make His Best Stock Trading Institutes

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    Booming bulls is the only institute in india which brings u a value in your learning sense and ability...! U became a fast learner here not only in learning the stock market but also devloping your personal finance system. 

    But The only answer to this question is that booming bulls comes up with a result oreinted program,

     thats what all of us need..! 

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    If you take a look at other academies  you will always see people just giving calls like buy this buy that which even they are not sure about sometimes. and we don't know how authentic that information is and how much of it is going to work or not. And for that unsure and unauthentic information they charge so much money which is absolutely useless and waste of money. Booming bulls is one of the best academy. Here they actually teach the students the art of analysis of stock market which makes every one of them capable of taking their own call using their own capital which is absolutely safe and secured because we know how much capital we are gonna risk and how much we can make out of that. Booming bulls academy provides the most amazing content which can help an individual make a fortune out of it, by actually learning the stuff and actually applying that knowledge in real time markets, unlike other academies who just provide calls which people have to take blindly without any assurity. Trading is a profession, not a game which we can play on behalf of someone else's calls, we have to work hard and develop our own skills and learn from our mistakes and get all the experience we can, that is how an individual can become a successful and profitable trader and i think Booming Bulls Academy is the one who has the will to do this unlike other stock market training institutes.

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  • 5 months ago

    Very good and recommended academy for beginners.Here you will get to know from basic. Mentor Anish Singh Thakur teaches in very simple and friendly way.He clears every concept in very simple manner and in easily understanding language.

  • 5 months ago

    Mai yaha apne honest review denaa chahunga wo ye hai ki BOOMING BULLS ACADEMY as per my opinion mere life me ek change lane me madadgar sabit hua hai. Mai kisi institute ki burai nahi karunga magar BOOMING BULLS ACADEMY NE JO MUJHE GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT  di hai wo syd muje kahi na milti.

    Academy ke courses value for money rahe hai.

    Or ye ek trusted entity hai sabse badi bat to ye hai.

    Boomings bulls ke MISSION, VISIOn and goals bhutt strong hai.

    Content and studies quality wali hoti hai.

    And YES we should opt for "Quality rather than Quantity"

    Source(s): My own experience of 6 month under the guidance of BOOMING BULLS ACADEMY
  • 5 months ago

    According to me they more focus on quality instead of quantity.he is one of the best mentor I have interacted till date who made me crazy about any specific field.I like the way he teach the way he switches between Hindi and English. Such a pleasure to listen someone who sounds real.God bless you we will become trillionaire  together 😋

  • 5 months ago

    Blooming Bulls academy is different from other academy in various ways. Here the mentor gives us assistance all the times and even gives us 1 to 1 training sessions after the normal sessions.

  • 6 months ago

    I have attended there course last month , the way presentation has made is impressive, easy to learn and understand, I build basic very strongly and now improving my skills and knowledge 

  • 6 months ago

    They are different  from other training because they simplified trading they are charging a very nominal fees and they are providing a support of 6 months as far as i know no one is providing and  there streagty is so good and so simple anyone can make future in trading if they join booming bulls 

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