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How important is the width setting on a sewing machine?

I’m a complete beginner to sewing and am currently looking for a sewing machine the SINGER Start 1304 seemed good for a newbie but the width is preset. Should I hold off on getting it and look for something better?

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    Yes. Width is quite important and yes, hold off for something better. I don't like single dial machines. I've been seeing for decades and teaching a long time and I don't like single dial machines. A better choice:  Singer also make a machine called the Simple -there are several versions -  and it has a lot more going for it than the Start. You will quickly outgrow the Start. The Simple 3337 has 29 stitches in a compact machine that doesn't take up a lot of room and is easy to store and easy to use. Better still, Singer offers beginner operation lessons on YouTube to enhance the machine's instruction manual.

    If you are willing to spend a bit more you can get a feature-packed electronic machine by Brother. The CS6000i is simple enough for beginner and has more advanced features that you will need as your skills advance.  Brother has a range of good budget friendly machines and you can get a machine that does embroidery and has over 100 sewing stitches for under $1000 . 

    One more very important reason to hold off for a while is because there's a world wide shortage of sewing machines. Prices are ridiculously high and supplies are strangely low. Many machine maker's shut down in March when a lot of people decided to learn swing while under quarantine. And many others decided to start making cloth masks and they bought up nearly all the stock of sewing machines.

    The market is stabilizing and in a couple months stock will be available. For a lower price You can get a much better machine that will do what you need now and will do what you want in the future. 

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    I would look for something better. Looks like the straight stitch length is pre set too. 

    A sewing machine store usually  has older used models for sale at good prices. You can get a significantly better machine. They also usually will give you one free lesson on how to use the machine. So you will know how to thread it, wind a bobbin, change a needle.

    On the reviews many people bought this machine with the sole purpose of making masks. If you are only going to make masks and the occasional craft item, then fine. But if you want to learn how to sew and start making garments look for a much better machine.

    This is not a machine that is going to last or take on heavy fabrics. 

    Can you wait? I got a great deal on a much better Singer machine from Jo-Ann’s around Black Friday. Before Christmas.  Surprisingly Jo Ann had the cheaper price by far (even amazon was $50 more) and free shipping. 

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