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Is it normal to not have pregnancy symptoms all the time?

The past few weeks I haven’t been feeling well, been having some morning sickness but not to the extreme. I just found out last week that I’m pregnant (first time) and I have a doctors appointment next week. Today I woke up feeling really good and not sick or anything. Could that be a sign of a missed miscarriage? Or am I just stressing out for no reason? Or would there be signs of a miscarriage? 

I know I’m probably freaking myself out but I can’t help but think. Trying not to stress about it til I get to my doctors. Had anyone else gone through this where you feel icky one day then good the next? Thanks for the advice 

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    You are just one of the lucky ones not to have any more sickness but in general the sickness starts at around 6 weeks pregnant and can last for a few weeks or a few days so stop stressing - long time ago my sickness started at 6 weeks and stopped at 36 weeks, Good Luck

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    its ok.i think its ur first child...not everyone has severe cramping

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    ANYONE (pregnant or not pregnant) can "feel icky one day, then good the next day".

    If it's morning sickness you're concerned about: A woman usually begins experiencing morning sickness when she's around 2-1/2 months pregnant, but it can begin earlier than that. It' can be on and off - some days you feel "icky"; the next day you might not. Morning sickness usually goes away on it's own by the time you're around 3 months pregnant (if not before).

    Morning sickness is NOT a sign of an impending miscarriage. Morning sickness is something almost every woman experiences in the early days of her pregnancy. 

    If you feel sick in the morning, nibble on some saltine crackers and sip a bit of Coke before you eat. That usually helps.

    BTW: How could you ever have a "missed" miscarriage??

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    Pregnancy symptoms can definitely come and go. My personal experience with pregnancy nausea was that it really kicked in around week 7, and with my first it was constant, low-grade queasiness, but I never really threw up (except around 12 weeks when I got the flu and was sick twice). With my second baby it was sporadic, and sometimes I felt none at all, but I also threw up a lot more. Not often, but probably once every few days. Both times the nausea tapered off around 13 weeks and was gone by 15-16 weeks.

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    Yep.  Millions of women have great pregnancies with zero nausea and have full-term healthy babies.  

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    Yes, it's totally normal.  Your symptoms will almost certainly return from time to time.  But most women have a day here and there with no symptoms whatsoever, in the midst of first trimester morning sickness.

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