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Has anyone else noticed this about men ?

Many men are all nice and sweet in the beginning towards their wives and spoil them but then when a baby is born they suddenly change and become distant. They start to go around cheating and aren’t close to their wives anymore, it’s like having children and responsibilities pushes them away. Having children should make you become closer not distant. I’ve seen many men dump their wives when a baby is born or when they have children to be with another women yet some scumbags on here write nasty stuff about single mothers and bash them. No wonder there are many single mothers out there, it’s all thanks to selfish and irresponsible scumbags who don’t deserve to be called fathers. At least the single mother takes care of the children unlike the scumbag that abandoned them. Stop bashing caring single mothers you ungrateful shiits and instead blame bad fathers! Look at Chris Watts for example how he went insane, he cared more about a wh0re than his own children and killed them for her. I bet many men would have done the same as him if they could except they fear the risk to go to prison. There are many men like Chris Watts and Scott Peterson out there and ladies should be extremely careful. I couldn’t be the only one who has noticed this about men right? Instead of becoming closer and start bonding with your wife and children more you become crazy piece of shiits, do crazy things and leave them for some slut!! What’s wrong with you men???

(This doesn’t count for good men)

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    Think about the logistics of the species. Lets talk about some random species in some Nat Geo documentary. It takes a man 15 seconds to make a baby. It takes a woman 18 years to make the same one. Now, if Bill Gates, the best of the best of computer guys did the one thing once and stopped, we'd still be throwing rocks at mud. Instead, he did 350 things and we get hit by cars while playing minecraft. Nonetheless;

    Men aren't meant to stay with one woman for a lifetime. A good man with good seed needs to spread it. If every man with ok to crap seed got a promised wife and baby, we'd have a bunch of fat idiots in electric wheelchairs at Walmart... um uh... anyway. Evolution works by the best making more of the best and the worst dying out. I think some guys will put up with and believe they need to have a wife and kid like was the fashion at the time between 1896 and 1952, but they get real sick of it real fast. A theory I'm working on is that wanderlust is in fact that seed spreading moment. Actual seeds are eaten by animals and pooped out far away from the mother tree to not compete for resources. Humans go backpacking in China in their 20s and pick up a wife, have a kid, cheat on her, and have another. 100,000 years of homosapians evolution is not limited to 65 years of American culture.

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    No. I noticed just the opposite. My (ex) wife was like you think men are. 

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    -"when a baby is born they suddenly change and become distant"

    The man has a lot more responsibility in a relationship/marriage than the woman, about 10x more than the woman. Do you know how it feels having all this stress and pressure being place on you? All while the woman stays at home with the kids, complaining how difficult it is to be a woman in this world.

    -"At least the single mother takes care of the children"

     it's actually because the court favors giving custody to the mother rather than the fathers. Women are granted more parental rights over kids than the father.

     - "Look at Chris Watts for example how he went insane, he cared more about a wh0re than his own children and killed them for her"

    Are you saying that women never harm or murder their own children? What about Lori Vallow who killed her two kids to be with a man? It's been on the news for months.

    Here is a link to the case...

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    When you hate men to begin with then all you're going to see are the dregs in society. I love men and don't know any that are the way you are describing them.

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