YA  what' the  f.....  is going on with this site, i post a question, it's ato reffered to an inappropriate category,  i change...cont?

i post a question, it's auto reffered to an inappropriate category,  i change the category post it,  and it's not there, or otherwise already removed?

anyone explain this latest phenomena plz?


yes this should be inYA category but of couse if i change it, it will once again disappear...i'm sure biology buffs will understand that at least..

Update 2:

i'm going to c/p and post the question again, it'll once again be auto directed here, but this time i will again attempt to change the category and see what happens..

Update 3:

@billrussel42    the answer to your question is that the YA auto post bot AI,  decided it should be posted here, else try reading the queestion. anyway because of the word "phenomena" most likely

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    and what does this have to do with biology ?

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