Was i wrong to call my dentist on Sunday, or was she wrong to hang up on me?

My side gum got badly swollen (severe pain) as a result of a medicine that she injected into my root canal. She then prescribed me antibiotics. That was on Friday. I bought them, and started taking them following the instructions written on the prescription paper. However today, or rather late last night, i realized that she had written 2 X 12, which got me a bit confused, because i was left thinking that i have to take 1 pill in the morning and one at night, i.e. 1 every 12 hours, but 2 x 12 means 2 within 12 hours, which means 1 every 6 hours. 

My mom insisted that i have to take 1 at the morning and one at night, but that means 2 within 24 hours, not 12 hours. I got very confused, and so i decided to call her to ask her for clarification when do i have to take the pills. These are antibiotics after all. It's a heavy drug, not something to mess around with. 

Now, i realize that it's Sunday, and she is off work, but i can't continue taking the pills she prescribed me without making sure i am taking them correctly. So i called her, and she didn't pick up. After couple of hours, i called her again, and she picks this time, and i said to her, quote: "I am sorry i am calling on Sunday, but i just have a quick question about the prescription..", and before i can finish, she said "Im off work, i can't talk, call me tomorrow" and she just abruptly hanged up the phone. I was pissed as hell. I am never going back there again. Was she wrong to hang up on me, or was i wrong to call? 


Just to clarify. Yes, i did end up going to the pharmacy where i bought the drug, and the guy there was nice enough to explain to me how to take it, however that is besides the point. I don't have any special relationship with her, she works for herself and doesn't have any assistants. She uses her personal phone for work too. She even told me to call her if there's an emergency with my tooth. I take that as part of her job, as she is responsible for the treatment. 

Update 2:

@drip, the pharmacist did explain to me how to take the drugs, but she just repeated what was written on the prescription paper, and at that time, i was sure that i know how to take the drugs. I didn't pay attention to small details. Like when she said "2 times a day", i didn't think if she means 12 hours or 24 hours. It was only later when i thought a bit more about what is written that i got confused. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    She was just wrong to hang up on you.

  • drip
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I am greatly surprised the pharmacist did not explain the prescription when you picked it up. Mine always ask have you had this drug  before.  And do you have any questions.  

    Sorry but what dentist works completely on their own?! 

    Always ask the pharmacist about your prescription, that is their area of expertise. 

    Yes they were rude, but this was not an emergency.  

  • 2 months ago

    You can always call the pharmacy where the prescription was filled and go over your story with them.  They will be able to explain how to take your prescription as written.

    You must have a very good relationship with your dentist if they gave you a direct contact number.  The dentists I know would have you call and leave a message if the office was closed or call their service and leave a message that the dentist can pick up later.  I don't know any that would give their patients a direct after-hours contact number.

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