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Is covert incest a real issue in parent-child relationships or is it just a weird sick term therapist used?

I don’t mean physical abuse incest but I mean covert incest which is known as emotional incest.  I have this aunt that’s constantly accusing her mother of having done it to her sister and that sister now doing it to her adult daughter.  

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    Well, it is according to Wikipedia, but that's a horrible, inaccurate, inflammatory term for parental favoritism. Personally, if any psychologist I was seeing used that label, I'd be highly offended. "Incest" has a sexual connotation, so whoever came up with that phrase should have their head examined.

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    It is just a psychological theory.  Putting a label on a certain set of behaviors that do occur.  It is not meant to be taken so literally.  Another misunderstood psychological term is "comorbidity".  Sounds like something to do with death, right?  It is actually a term used to reference having more than one mental or physical illness at the same time.

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