Tranceiver signal help.?

Using a Baofeng UV-82 high power dual band radio can i transmit at 90 Mhz 15 Mhz continiously?

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  • 1 month ago



    It can transmit only in the frequency ranges listed in its specifications, 

    and I hope you have an appropriate license for the ranges you want to use. 


    No handheld radio is capable of long-term continuous transmission. 

    They just aren't built to work that hard. 

    The vast majority of consumer-grade handheld transceivers are designed to transmit no more than 

    about 10 percent of the time they are on; the remaining 90 percent of that time is of course spent in receive mode.         

    Most mobiles are similarly limited, and only some base stations can be counted on for continuous transmission. 


    If you want to have a broadcast station, 

    you will need a transmitter specifically designed to do that job --- 

    and an appropriate license to go with it. 


  • 1 month ago


    That is a VHF + UHF transceiver, according the specification.

    It does not cover those frequencies.

    Also note that transmitting on almost any frequency, without a government-issued licence, is illegal pretty much world-wide and you can be prosecuted.

    Depending on country, that may be a fine - or imprisonment.

    The only exceptions are using specific licence-exempt equipment, approved by whatever government jurisdiction you are in.

    eg. Things like "PMR446" walkie talkies in much of Europe, or very low power fixed frequency pre-approved radio modules like car remote fobs and such.

    Or, you can use (and build equipment for, if your licence permits) the appropriate Ham radio bands if you hold an Amateur Radio licence for the country.

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