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Am I a bad cat parent?

I already spent $500 in vet bills six months ago for my 15 year old cat. She's fifteen, and, sick again, and I dont have the money to increase her medicine or continuously keep taking her to the vet. I love her to death, but I'm also having a hard time spending so much money on an older pet. If it was my 8 year old cat, I might feel differently. But I'm not maki g much money right now, so every vet bill is a huge sacrifice. But my heart is literally breaking. 

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    From what you are telling us you are definitely not a bad pet owner.

    Although cats can lived well into their 20s the average lifespan for them is 15.1 years.

    It appears that yours has now reached it average lifespan.

    The questions you must ask the vet is why is your pet ill and if she is suffering. You should also ask if the medication is going to cure the problems she has or are they just relieving her symptoms and if so will the symptoms eventually get worse.

    I suspect that the answers to these questions will be the medication is just relieving her suffering and it simply delaying the inevitable.

    It appears that you have given her your love and care for the 15 years she has been a member of your family but you must consider her now and decide whether it is time to let her leave this world in a dignified way by allowing her to be put to sleep. This extremely fast and very painless.

    Having kept dogs and cats for many years I have had to make the terrible decision to allow them to depart this world to alleviate their suffering.

    It is a terrible thing to have to decide to do this but your pet must be considered first and foremost.

    Take care an be safe.

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    "I'm also having a hard time spending so much money on an older pet."

    Seriously?  You are a HORRIBLE person.  Your "heart is literally breaking"?  First off, you're a moron.  If your heart was "literally breaking" you'd be effing DEAD.  Secondly, you don't think it's "worth" the money since this is an older pet?

    Give this unloved cat up to a no-kill shelter.  My last cat lived to over TWENTY TWO YEARS. This cat could have many years left but you're too immature, shallow and cheap to get it the care it needs because it's "old".  I do hope whoever has the misfortune to be with you when you're old just lets YOU die instead of getting you the care you need.

    You are PATHETIC.

  • There are animal rescue groups that specialize in taking senior or medical cases. There are also foundations that may have special medical grant funds. You should be talking to your vet about it, and asking if they know any that could help. You might want to consider changing your vet if you can find a low cost vet clinic. There is one in my area that charges a much lower price for seniors and disabled people. University vet hospitals may be able to refer you to one. A quick fix of course would be to do an online fundraiser on gofundme or something like that.

    I googled "help for vet bills for people who can not afford them" and a bunch of ideas to raise funds, and a bunch of websites on where to apply for funding help popped up. One article was titled "Can’t Pay for Your Pet’s Care? These 12 Programs Can Help" and listed several foundations that help with vet expenses. There were lots of articles like that. There are many foundations you can apply for that help fund vet expenses.

    I don't agree with just putting an animal to sleep because it is old and needs medical care, unless the quality of life is so poor it is suffering and in constant horrible pain. If that were the case, your vet would be advising you so, and since they haven't I think your cat isn't in that situation. I find it troubling you say you might feel differently if it was an 8 year old cat. Pets are family, and you wouldn't be considering putting your grandma to sleep just because she needed medical care. I know what it is like to be poor, and what it is like to have big vet bills. A good pet parent tries to get the help for the pet it needs. I'm betting you didn't know about all these foundations out there, so google that phrase I did, and start contacting all of them.

    My sister rescued an abandoned kitten. At around 8 months it started biting her constantly, and would bite all the hair off it's tail until it was raw, and cried constantly. It had a neurological disorder. My sister was single and poor and couldn't afford to take it to the vet and have all the tests done. My daughter told her about a cat rescue that specializes in medical cases. They agreed to pay their vet they worked with to examine it and run all the tests, and she only had to pay the $20 a month for the pills it will take now forever. The cat has recovered and is healthy and happy. That's why I suggested reaching out to cat rescues that specialize in medical cases even though you would want to keep it.

    But definitely start researching the different foundations that offer assistance paying vet bills. It is better to do this now, than to be in an emergency situation where you have to go to a vet right away, since it might take time to apply and be accepted.

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    So, take her to an animal clinic. You'll save $450

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    No, of course not, but if it just gets worse, it would be better for her to get the green needle or blue juice.

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    Please don't feel bad about your cat.  I understand when people have financial issues.  If the quality of life is gone and she really won't get better, then let her go peacefully now.  Don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong in not being able to care for her any more.   We've had to make tough decisions with our pets.  

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    First, you're mentally ill if you think you gave birth to a cat. Second, you're a bad pet OWNER since you prolonged the cat's pain for your own selfishness. when you should have put her to sleep years back.

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    Shes lived a fairly long life for a cat...  You could spend the money and she may only live a few more months...    I couldn't justify running myself into debt for an older animal.

    Have the vet examine her.  If its going to cost more than youre willing to spend to treat her, then discuss euthanasia or comfort care

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    Pets are important, but it's more important to take care of yourself.

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    When you get a pet, you have to be prepared to spend money.   If you can't afford the vet bills, you should not a pet

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