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lost white privilege card?

As a child in a North Eastern city there were six of us in a small rat infested two bedroom apartment. I remember walking to school and snow coming through the soles of my shoes. Sometimes there wasn’t enough to eat, and knew many other kids that had similar conditions growing up.

As a parent I always worked full time and part time jobs so my children didn’t experience the childhood I experienced. Now seventy something years later Oprah is telling me I had white

privilege. I must have lost my white privilege id

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    That’s not what White Privilege means.  You and I being put into the same room, dressed the same, same credentials, ect.  Based on the darker colour of my skin, if we were both equally qualified for a job, they would pick you.  In theory that’s what it’s about.  Now i’m Filiiino, i’m a nurse, i’m a man, i have so many things that i have as in i fit stereotypes as all filipino’s are nurses, i work in a female dominated field.  I absolutely use the visible minority card when applying for a job but i still need to work harder and be better at it than my white counterparts

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    As young people every where I was followed in dept stores.  I was never pulled over for driving white. As a Christian I never said there was no racism, and while working my whole life there were times I was in the minority and it never bothered me since I was born in what would be considered a heavy minority neighborhood. My final point is biblically based, all injustice is sinful

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    You cannot lose white privilege... yes, you grew up in poverty, however, there are still privileges you had simply for being white. For instance, how many times in your life have you been racially profiled whilst driving in any neighborhood in America? Were you followed in stores by security who assumed, because of the color of your skin, you were shoplifting? Just two examples. 

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    White privilege is only one form of privilege, and it does not mean that your life will be easy. All it means is your life is not artificially made harder due to a particular set of social biases. While you may have not regularly been mistreated because you were white, you were probably mistreated because you were poor, since socioeconomic status is another form of privilege. Is it fair that you were treated as "less than" compared to wealthier kids? No, it wasn't, but that's what privilege bias does. It assigns value to people, often based on factors they have little to no control over.

    Now just imagine what your life would have been like if you'd grown up poor AND faced discrimination in education and the job market due your skin color. Would you have been able to climb the socioeconomic ladder as you did, or would those artificial barriers have trapped you in the cycle of poverty? Just imagine if that minor interaction you'd had with the cops when you were a teenager or young adult *hadn't* resulted in them letting you go with a warning, but instead had resulted in an arrest, charges, jail time, or worse. Would you have been able to get a decent job with trumped up charges on your record, or would you even be alive at all?

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    White privilege doesn't mean your life isn't difficult. It just means that your skin color didn't contribute to making it difficult. Don't be a walnut.

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    Is there a question here?

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    There must have been millions here in the UK that lost their white privilege card as we were in the same situation when I was growing up in the 50s and the young people of today think they are in a bad situation if they don't have a car or the latest computer games.

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