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Who is currently 52nd in line to British throne - same position Georg Ludwig of Hanover (later anglicised to George I) was in...?

...when he became heir to Queen Anne?

His ascension to the British throne after Queen Anne, from having been 52nd in line, changed the dynastic houses from the Stuarts to the Hanoverians. Georg Ludwig (aka George I), and his son and heir who became George II, were natives of the large German state of Hanover. Interesting fact: George I was born, died, and was buried in Hanover in what is today Germany. His first language was German. He had never been to England before assuming the British throne.

So, again, who is currently in the same 52nd position in the line of succession as Georg Ludwig was when he became heir to the British throne?

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    52. Alexander Ogilvy (b. 1996)

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    1 month ago  lists #52 as Alexander Ogilvy (b. 1996); Alexander is the grandson of Princess Alexandra, the Honorable Lady Ogilvy, her son's, James Robert Bruce Ogilvy's second child.

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    To be comparable with the situation as it was for George I, you would have to disregard the impediment of being Roman Catholic. (Otherwise, George is 2nd in line after the Electress of Hanover, not 52nd.)  If Edward, Lady Marina and Lord Nicholas Windsor and his children were not excluded because of their faith, and Prince Michael and the Earl of St Andrews for being married to Catholics (another ground for exclusion until recently) the 52nd would currently be Estella Taylor, granddaughter of the Duke of Kent.  

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    Lady Gabriella Kingston, she is the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

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