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Is it a form of abuse for a parent to tell their kid there is nothing wrong with them and to get slightly angry with them when they insist?

there is something wrong with them and they need help

Could be a physical disorder, a mental disorder...

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    It's not abuse as much as ignorance. Many parents are not well-informed about medical issues, including mental health issues. It's neglect if they don't get their child to a doctor to find out what is wrong. Some parents will deny there is anything wrong if they don't have health insurance and can't afford a doctor. Others are afraid they'll be blamed for their child's problems or that their child will lie to a doctor or therapist. (The parents, of course, may also lie.) If the child is being abused, they can tell a teacher, school nurse or guidance counselor, who are required by law to report suspected abuse. (They may be required to report suspected neglect, too; I don't know.)

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    If the child is being denied medical care by their parents, then it's deemed as neglect. If they contribute to harming the child physically or emotionally then it's abuse.

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    I'd term it more neglect than abuse, since mental health is medical issue, and ignoring your child's medical needs is typically termed as neglect. However if the parent is cruel about the child's mental health suffering, or makes it worse through gaslighting or coercive behaviors, then that is definitely abuse.

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