Deleting  questions.?

Does anyone still believe you can't delete a question after it has been answered, if you do just ask aussie battler he'll tell you how it's done.

This loser has deleted another 2 of his questions because he doesn't like the answers. you gutless little man.

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  • 1 month ago
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    If I I have no dog in this race, and have never  (or rarely, if ever)  posted on this category, and know none of the players. 

    (well, full disclosure.......I've seen Old Timer around in the Military category, right? ) 

    well anyway.........what I wanted to say is......... questions CAN be deleted  even after they are answered-  No one ever said they couldn't be. 

    You can't delete your own answer with the delete option YAHOO gives you.......after a question is answered. ----That's true. 

    BUTTTTTT,  you can damn sure delete ANY question,  including your own. ----even with answers,   if you report it enough times  with your  OTHER sock puppet accounts. 

    And don't  you all pretend you don't know this can't be done.......... Of course it can. 

    Multi-account  trolls  here do it all the time. 

    Sometimes even taking down their own TROLL stalker question, when it backfires on them,  and people actually DEFEND the person the troll was hoping to insult........

    and the whole thing backfires on the TROLL.......then he just quietly takes down his own question,  by reporting himself, with his other 15  accounts. 

    There are people here sick enough to play these kinds of games, and    you OLD TIMER,    surely know who I mean, if you post in the Military category. 

    There are people here who play 30, 40, 50 accounts and have been suspended dozens of times, and still have  20 spare accounts. 

    Now,  on  THIS board........I don't know any of you and don't know who the players are............ but on Politics and Military  ,  I could write books. 

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    "you can't delete a question after it has been answered" is how it's supposed to be. If a question with an answer is deleted, that's because enough people reported it.

    and what does this have to do with australia?

  • 1 month ago

    HS i know you're right about not answering his questions but it's hard not.

    ILW that's a big surprise he has blocked you, now he has lost all the best answers you give him and that will really hurt, seeing before i was away earlier this year he had minus a couple of thousand points and -0 best answers to now having 46,000 points and 70% favourite answers all in 6 months is a little bit more than amazing, i wonder how he did that.

    HDB yes he definately has multiple accounts and personalities. i wish they would bring the comments section back.

  • 1 month ago

    More ridiculous lies. You report my questions which then result in them being removed.  ILW has not been blocked. I suspect he is referring to " glitches " that I have noticed stopping posting. In fact no-one has been blocked and nothing has been deleted. Just silly paranoia from retards. 

    Grubbie answering his own question - desperate.  More silly paranoia. I have answered all these silly lies before. ILW has not and never was blocked. In fact no-one has been but previously on numerous occasions Grubbie the Coward blocked me. The BA % was due to my account being deleted and then reinstated. Means nothing to me but obviously annoys Grubbie. I have one account , one is more than enough. 

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  • Mutty deleted his own questions because no one here answer it. I've noticed this from time to time. So he chucks a hissing fit and reports others questions and answers. My advice is DON'T answer his questions and he will fade away.

  • 1 month ago

    I suppose if he had multiple accounts he could report his own questions to get them removed. 

    @ILW: Has he really blocked you? I thought you were best mates. A few years ago AB was very outspoken about how much he hated blocking. What did you do to piss him off?

  • 1 month ago

    Yes he's even blocked me as well.

    HDB I think it was for saying that he should get a job collecting the coins for returning the Aldi trolleys.

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