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is Sun square the A.C. really that bad of a transit/ aspect?  what kinds of feelings, events might be tied to this transit?

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    In modern astrology, the square is the most difficult aspect. In traditional astrology that "honor" belongs to the opposition (which makes more sense). Sun square ASC in the 10th would mean honors or recognition coming to the native but after a struggle or difficulties perhaps later in life.

    As a transit, it isn't much of a big deal unless it is occurring at the same time as other significant directions or progressions. The Sun will square the ASC twice a year about 6 months apart and the transit only lasts a few days, if that. 

    The Sun squaring the ASC from the 4th in the nativity indicates difficulty with the father (putting the mother in the 4th is modern claptrap). Again unless there are other things making this worse, it isn't all that bad and for a transit it isn't much. 

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