CV for petroleum engineer?

I recently graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. Now I want to send my CV to the oil companies operating in my region. I am a fresh graduate and I do not have any experiences in my field except what I learnt at the university. So:

(1) What must be included in my CV?(2) How to write my CV? (3) What should I write in the "Subject line" and in the "Composed line" of the email that I will be sending to the company after I created my CV? (4) Is a "Cover Letter" required?(5) What sort of jobs are available and suitable in the oilfield for fresh petroleum engineering graduates?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    You should  learn to write your own resume and learn how to interview for a job.

    These are two skills you will always use as long as you are working. They require practice and will put you far ahead of those who haven't learned them. You may be able to find these at a temp agency and gain experience at the same time.

    You should also learn how to write, LEARNT is not a word. when you have LEARNED these skills you will get a job.

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