The jump we (MUFC) made from 7th and 6th to 3rd this season was admirable but I am worried thats as good as its going to get ?

I remain unconvinced we are any where near ready to make 3rd position ours regularly in the league and would wager we'd be made to fight hard again for a 3rd spot finish unless we seriously strengthen our squad.

If we seriously strengthen our squad, if Ole gets in the players we need I see us comfortably securing a 3rd spot finish in the league and perhaps get a taste of flirting with the top spot in the table before City and Liverpool reoccupy those two spots above us eventually.

In order to make it a 3 horse race,  we need to become a title challenging side which would mean plugging in those holes elsewhere in our team where we evidently need to further strengthen.

With the Jadon Sancho's arrival imminent,  I feel a world class CB alongside Maguire and while our midfield has started playing better again, I remain unconvinced that McTominay can get any better than what hes shown thus far.  Bruno Fernandes has improved the whole team never mind the midfield ,  but we need another world class midfielder who can marshall and dictate and read the game well. Somebody like Kante would be ideal.

De  Gea I'll give the benefit of the doubt to for one more season,  its a huge risk but anybody who was being dubbed the best goal keeper on the planet for 3 or 4 seasons straight deserves that much.  This is the guy Real Madrid were staunchly saying they'd get from us no matter what it took.  He remained with us.  Lets repay him back with our backing.

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  • 2 months ago
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    my god and i though my fecking questions were long lmfao

    ok i actualy read through your entire question,  phew.

    Jadon Sancho is unproven in epl.

    thats him dealt with.

    De Gea has declined.   thats him dealt with.

    Maguire was not worth how much you spent on him, weras Virgil Van Dijk was.  Thats that dealt with.

    Rasfhord is not a 25+ goals a season striker and won't improve unless hes playing in a better XI.  thats him delt with.

    Martial is too hot and cold and sometimes doesn't want to come to the party.  thats him dealt with.

    bascialy I agree with waht youv'e said,  you will struggle again next season to finish in top four but I'm still fancying you guys to manage it some way or the other.  4th next season is where you will finish.  Not 3rd.

    Watch us win the league again ^_^


  • 2 months ago

    I can see us struggling again next season. I think we've got enough quality to break down the teams who sit back and defend but OGS doesn't know how to get the best out of them.

  • Adam
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    You need to strengthen big style and Ole is not the man to do it. Sack him while you can and get a proper manager.

  • August
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    2 months ago

    Worried ffs. This is  football and if it affects your mental health yo have to find another interest. The signing of an expensive winger in Sancho isn't going to win you anything and his commercial worth will only be a fraction of Ronaldo's. Bruno's arrival has certainly made a difference to the way MU are playing and it is no coincidence that Pogba is playing his best football since joining. You still have the faith in your keeper but it would be better to get rid and use the guy who was out on loan to Sheffield. Job done

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