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How come theres not much civil war literature? All those ppl involved in such a conflict, yet few novels or literary classic about it?

Did ppl not know how to read and write in those days? 


Its called an abbreviation, if youre interested. 

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    There are plenty of novels about that time. 

  • Tina
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    1 month ago

    Yes people could read and write in 19th century America - (although from1831 there were laws against teaching some people to read in many slave states)...they even managed to avoid ridiculous abbreviations.

    If you look up 'Literature of the American Civil War' you will undoubtedly find plenty of information. But surely you are aware of Walt Whitman's poems, and the great American classic 'Little Women'?

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    If you're interested, the word is "people". Hope this helped.


    If you're interested, the words are "It's" and "you're". Hope this helped.

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