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Is life in prison the same as being dead?

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    Of course not............many go on to write books, and have pen pals and even marry those pen pals..... and file appeals, and become jailhouse lawyers and even get to overturn their convictions on some legal technicality. they still have a life to lead, even under tough conditions. 

    Dead is dead. 

    Leslie Van Houten,  convicted of the grisly Manson Murders,  was sentenced to DEATH.  

    But California abolished the death penalty while she was on death row....commuting her sentence to LIFE. 

    She has since applied for parole a number of times........ on the basis of  "Good Behavior"  locked in  her cage......... and actually RECEIVED IT.......but thank the Good Lord, the Governor had the good sense to VETO IT. 

    But there are now a number of people and celebrities  demanding her release,  saying she's a changed woman. 

    Gosh, that's nice.......nice to know now she knits quilts for the poor.......

    problem is...her victims are still quite DEAD......and they don't get any parole from being DEAD. 

    She can knit all the quilts she wants...........from her prison cell. 

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    Well, given there's not been anyone who has died and come back to tell us what it's like being dead, this question is pretty much impossible to answer.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it depends on the person

    if a normal truly innocent person is sent to prison death is better 

    for common criminal types , prison is just a more normal routine and not that bad 


    noting most so called innocent people in prison are guilty criminal types who the technicality is different than the crimes they did and never got caught

    plea bargain need to be eliminated and all cases are sent to court or dropped  

    often honest people plea bargain pay the fines and there one lawyers 

    criminals seldom plea bargain and never pay for lawyer tax payers pay their lawyers  -- and never ever pay fines 

    the story of the guy(s) in prison for pot procession ,,, generally not true 

    he was a prior 3 time convicted felon and it was easy to send him back for the pot in his pocket than find him guilty for the home burglary/rape he was arrested in act of doing 

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    No, depending on the person and prison, it could be worse.

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    1 month ago

    It is not the same.

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    No. But your relatives often treat it as if you were. Throw out your belongings, etc.

    It Can be OK. Make friends, go to classes, church, get an AS degree or certificate.  

    Source(s): Been There.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nah......Much Much worse. Being dead`s a doddle as you don`t feel, see, or hear anything at all. 

  • 1 month ago

    Sure. Why not!

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