I am going to Krakow in September and will visit Auschwitz Birkenau. Can you recommend a tour?

I will be visiting Auschwitz 1 camp museum and Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau).

Is it possible to just go there and back on a bus / coach from Krakow? 

 That would give me the most time to look without being rushed around by a tour guide (but minus the info - mind you I think there are information signs wherever one goes?)

The alternative would be a tour guide. I’ve read a couple of reviews of paid tours and they seem to rush people around without much if any time for contemplation. A well oiled machine.

Can anyone recommend a tour that picks up in Krakow that isn’t like that and doesn’t charge too much ?

Or is it better to just get a bus / coach and go round on ones own ?

If so any link would be appreciated.

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