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Will this work in the long run?

My son has pretty much slept with me since birth. He's now one years old and will NOT sleep in his crib through the night. He wakes up two and sometimes four times. He used to take a bottle and then go right to sleep with me, but now all I have to do is put him in bed with me and he falls right to sleep. He definitely wakes up in the middle of the night because he's not in my bed with me. As soon as I lay him on my chest, he falls asleep almost instantly. I'm so tired in the middle of the night and want to go to bed, so I just put him in bed with me. I want to get him out of that habit because I'm tired of it. I'm physically exhausted and can't take it anymore. Even when he sleeps with me I don't get a good nights sleep because he moves around a lot.

I was thinking for the next few nights that I was going to drink a lot of caffeine to keep me up and wide awake so that when he wakes up in the middle of the night, I'll be awake enough to get him back to sleep and put him in his crib. I figured if I kept putting him back in his crib each night for the next few nights that hopefully he'll get the idea that he sleeps by himself in his crib. I'm not looking forward to staying up all night, but if it helps train him to sleep in his crib from now on by himself, it'll definitely be worth it.

I still live with my parents and they're nice enough to watch him every other night and get up with him. I know my parents are also physically exhausted so if this helps him sleep by himself..


...himself in his crib, it'll be worth it for them too and we'll all be happy. So will staying up all night so I can be awake enough to keep putting him in his crib help in the long run? Also, when I stay up all night with him one night, my parents have him the next night so I can go to bed early that night and get ready to stay up all night again.

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    It makes sense that he's struggling to adapt to the change in his routine... I mean, you spent a year doing something and now you've up and changed it and he's going to respond to that change. Yes, if you want him to get used to sleeping in his crib, you will have to get up and put him back down... I wonder if maybe a toddler bed would work better for him? He's not used to the confines of a crib, so he may be more at ease in a regular bed, that may also be easier for you as well to get him back to sleep, you can just lay or sit beside him for a few minutes rather than hang over a crib or try to put him back down into the crib. Another possibility is to put his crib in your room or at the mattress in your room, so he can still be in proximity but get accustomed to his own space for sleeping. Spend some time every day playing with him in his room so he gets comfortable with it. 

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    No. Skip the caffeine. The best thing you can do is to start with the crib and sleep in the child's room.  Give your parents the week off -- or the rest of their lives off.  

    Your child is used to sleeping with you.  He will not be thrilled about the change.  He is going to cry.  The important issue you need to see here is that you are not helping your child by denying him the ability to learn the skills to self-comfort and return to sleep.  These are learned abilities and your son can learn them.  It just means that you'll have to let him cry some.

    Read the articles at the link below and try the plans: 

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