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Would you say thing I'm wrong about what I said or that my friend is just reacting poorly?

I told a new friend that I need a little space, I'm not used to having so little down time. She responded by saying that she's hurt and upset that I don't want to hang out as often. I then told her that it's nothing against/wrong with her on her end, I just need more alone time therefore I can't hang out everyday. I also said that I'm now upset and hurt too because she should respect my need for space, not try and make me feel guilty about it. Since that conversation she's completely ghosted me. I've tried reaching out, she never responds. Would you say that I did/said something wrong or that she is just reacting poorly to my request for space? I feel really bad for upsetting her but I'm also angry because I don't think I should have to feel guilty for needing space...


She struggles with depression and I'm her only friend which is why she clings to me. I think she may just be insecure and thinks I hate her and was just trying to be polite by saying I want space instead of saying I don't like her but that's not true and I can't get into contact with her.

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    i dont think you said anything wrong

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    If "she" chooses to feel hurt and upset than is that not 'her' choice? Some will attempt to guilt you for living you life in an attempt to control it. Others will attempt to sell you that your responsible for how 'they' chose to feel when your not. I think you should chose friends more carefully.

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    6 months ago

    Forget about her...she has a problem, not you.

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    If it went down exactly like that, then I don't understand why she ghosted you. Most people don't do that unless they felt like the other person said they don't want to spend time together anymore or did something else very callous and unlike what everything else was like.

    There is nothing wrong with you asking for space.

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