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What kind of spider is this?

I bought a drawer on Offer up in Hemet, CA. When I brought the drawer home I saw what looked like 10+ spider eggs with babies inside. I tried cleaning the drawer out but seems I missed some because now i have these around my house. What kind are they? 

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  • 2 months ago

    The one in your photo is a male cobweb spider, Steatoda triangulosa species.

    Not uncommon indoors and about as harmless as spiders come.

    They make a web in secluded places where they live their life.

    Here is my female, 'Cassi', lived in my pantry eating bugs that get into foods.

    Her home was under the fuse box, rarely saw her unless getting a beetle in her web.

    A couple days after this photo, she made an egg sac and hoping for a few to stay around after Cassi died. Sadly her eggs were not fertile, no hatching and soon Cassie died. My little house guest:

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