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If you were to choose a major, which one would it be from these? I can not decide on a major. Please help me.?

If you were to choose a major, which one would it be from these?

Nursing, Computer Science, Kinesiology, and then DPT school, Biological Psychology, and then DPT school or Managerial Economics?? The job market is really important to me. I do not have any interest.

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    If you don't really want to become a nurse, please do not choose that field. Nurses have to be dedicated, caring, patient, and smart as solving problems. You have to learn how to read complicated equipment that monitors the patients, how to do delicate procedures like inserting a main line in a patient, how to evaluate the medications they're on for cross effects, and then monitor symptoms, how to sit by a patient's bedside spooning one teaspoon of food down them to keep them alive, how to translate "doctor speech" to plain English for them (or possibly to translate into their language as several nurses I know do.) And if you don't do your job right, you can kill people. If that doesn't seem like something you'd enjoy doing, choose computer science or economics. Also think about whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Can you be happy behind a computer all day with little human interaction? Then computer science of economics might be for you. 

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    maybe you should talk to a counselor at your school about it

  • John
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    If all you care about is the job market, Nursing or Computer Science would be the most in-demand careers on your list.  Using only the job market to decide upon a career, however, can prove disappointing in the long run.

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    I personally would not choose an academic major that I wasn’t interested in.

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