What should i do here?

Well, me and one of my best friends were gonna head out on a picnic today. But, he cancelled at the last minute to pose for a Super Hero themed magazine cover.

He got $2,000 for doing the cover..

I feel like he blew ne off for money and a superhero costume (he got to keep his costume...and it's one I do NOT like)

What should i do? And how do i tell my friend that i don't like his new costume without offending him?

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  • 2 months ago
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    You understand your friend did not ditch you to hang out with someone else? He ditched you to earn money in these uncertain times. The added bonus was he got to keep the costume. This brought your friend joy. Why would you want to bring anything that may cause him pain? Is it necessary to tell him you dont like the super hero? If u must, say it as a joke like....yeah, u ditched me to wear a costume of the super hero I hate, now I'll probably hate u too....lol. Dont make much of it. Life is so unpredictable. Focus on the good, not the bad, and whats imperfect.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I totally believe you for some reason.

    In this economic climate, we must do whatever we can that is legal and good to earn money. Your friend accepted work he would never get another chance to accept. He can always spend time with you, but that doesn't pay the bills and help him spend more time with you ;) Being able to pay his bills helps him a lot to have more fun with you. So can you consider forgiving him? He likely didn't realize it would hurt your feelings to cancel at the last minute when you can always make new plans with him. he wasn't trying to be mean.

  • 2 months ago

    maybe you can do the same thing

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