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Why is COVID 19 so much more lethal in some cities than others?

My hometown is Ottawa Ontario Canada.  Ottawa has had 2,481 COVID cases and

264 deaths.  That is a death rate of about 10.6 percent.  My current city, El Paso, Texas, has had far more cases of COVID at 16,040 but only 291 deaths for a percentage of 1.8.  Why is COVID-19 ten times as lethal in Ottawa?

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    Age of patient,  how many get it in how short of time,  how much medical equipment and staff are available,  how soon do they seek medical care,    Canada does not have the same medical care as the USA.   Look up Lien Neeson and his wife Natasha Richardson.  She had a head injury skiing but by the time she got to advanced medical care she was brain dead.    Why?   Canada does not use air transport for the sick and injuried nearly as much as the USA.   That delay was the deciding factor in her death.   Perhaps this extends all across the medical care of Canada.  You can get the routine stuff but when it comes to something unusual you can not get it.  

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    You probably have more older victims getting the virus in Ottowa and younger ones getting it in El Paso..  In my county with a large Hispanic population 88% of the deaths are elderly people with underlying health conditions. The Hispanics are getting about 140% of their fair share of infections but fewer are dying because the victims are more likely to be young and can recover.

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    I think you need to examine care-giving capacity versus care-giving demand for each city.

    When the surge hit Ottawa, what was the impact on the city's ICUs?  Did they reach capacity or exceed it, and did they need to do triage to decide who lives and who dies?  

    Do the same analysis for El Paso.  When their cases surged, did they reach or even exceed capacity?Same thing for each city and its available ventilators.  Did Ottawa run short of ventilators?  How about El Paso?

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    Could be that Ottawa has a lot more older people or lots of people with health conditions. Those are the peole that are at the highest risk of dying from it.

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    5G kills people - not covid

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