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Is it safe to add duckweed to a large, natural goldfish aquarium? ?

Strange scenario: this is a picture of outside steps to a basement at an abandoned building near where I live. The basement has been permanently flooded for years and somehow goldfish are living in it. It’s hard to see from this photo but the water extends to inside the entirety of this room behind the door. They seem to be living off of the algae that is growing on the bricks and cement. 

I come visit often and I wanted to throw in some duckweed (as I’ve read it’s a good plant for goldfish). My question is for someone with good insight into scenario: I’m wondering if there could be a negative, unforeseen consequence to adding some duckweed. Is there a chance it can alter the algae growth? Being their only food source I worry I can do more harm than good trying to add some duckweed. Thanks for any advice! 

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  • 6 months ago

    That is very weird, and I don't know that anything about that is safe for fish.  But sure toss some duckweed in, live plants are great!

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