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What would a typical dinner and dessert consist of in the USA in the 1950s and 1960s?

People living in cities and suburbs. 


@A What cooking fat/oil did your mother use to fry the French fries?

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    In the 50's in US we were lower middle class.   Saturday was always baked beans with either burgers, hot dogs or kielbasa, Sunday was a big dinner,  Monday was leftovers, Tuesday was always LIVER AND ONIONS, YUCK. Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti day, Thurs was leftovers, Friday was Fish and home made french fries.  Dessert was rare, my mother might bring out the cookie jar with store bought cookies, on rare occasions there might be pie, or a cake,

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    Especially in the 50s, boxed, canned and frozen food became the modern marvel and modern house wives jumped on it. Most meat items were still prepared fresh but most of the typical house hold meal in those days was boxed, canned, or frozen

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    My mother didn't fry french fries. Those were a fast food invention that came along with McDonalds. We ate meatloaf, roast beef with a vegetable and a salad, Thursday were spaghetti night (my father made an authentic sauce), we sometimes had kidneys on noodles, or mac and cheese, or, rarely, steaks. Chicken was more expensive then- kept mostly for Sunday dinners. Dessert was often fruit or a sheet cake or ice cream- only chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or a horror that included all three. We used lard in pie crust, if that's what you want to know. That was in the northeast. When we moved south, we found that people pan fried chicken, ate greens cooked with "fat back" (pig fat), bread with every meal, and banana pudding for dessert. There were lots of regional differences- the person who mentioned kielbasa must have been from the midwest. That was an influence from the Polish immigrants in the Chicago area. 

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    Salisbury steak, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes,~~~~~~Apple pie.

    Meat loaf,  grits,  peas,~~~~~~~ Pumpkin pie.

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    There are Many diners that do the '50's and 60's thing', Bu they are only in the big cities. 

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    Probably fried chicken or sandwiches 

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    A thin slice of strawberry New York cheese cake.

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