Does anyone hate their brother like me?

We are fraternal twins, and he is nothing like me, not even close, we are totally different people. He is conceited, uses the n-word to describe blacks, he is a Trump supporter, he calls people with physical and mental disabilities retards, he bullied special education kids all through school and pushed them against lockers and called them retards, he chased the only black person in high school and called him the n-word and got suspended, he calls people names if they don't agree with him, he calls his own 5 year old kid names, and swears, he makes fun of his girlfriend in front of everyone, he is loud, annoying, he thinks he is always right, he is awkward around people and he thinks he is not, he calls out cousins ugly, he calls girls ugly, fat, he calls people unemployed, even during the coronavirus pandemic biggest losers and he thinks Trump is going to be reelected. 

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    What do you have against my brother?

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