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bill asked in SportsHockey · 2 months ago

If the Edmonton Oilers win the draft lottery should the NHL refuse to give the first pick to them?

After all, they've wasted every other pick.

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  • opurt
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    2 months ago
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    12.5% chance, just like the other 8 teams. It could be Pittsburgh or Nashville or the Rangers or Florida or Minnesota or Winnipeg or Toronto/Columbus too. 

    Conspiracy theory says Pittsburgh wins since they only seem to get a 1OA pick when there's a "generational" talent (Lemieux, Crosby, and now Lafreniere).

  • In the interest of transparency, I'm a diehard Flames fan, and so you know there'll be a fair amount of anti-Oiler sentiment in this post---tempered with credit where credit is due. Now that Lafreniere will be going to the Blueshirts for sure, it would seem that the question is now moot. 

    But, for the sake of answering your question. . .no.

    Had the Oil won the lottery YET AGAIN, Lafreniere would have been a no-brainer pick. Then again, ANY pick is a c(r)ap shoot. For every Mario Lemieux, Dale Hawerchuk, Gilbert Perreault, Connor McDavid, and Guy Lafleur, there's an Alexandre Daigle, Joe Murphy, Alexei Yashin, Greg Joly, Doug Wickenheiser, Nail Yakupov, and any other hyped first-overall pick who turned out to be thoroughly, overwhelmingly mediocre-to-bust.

    Sad to say, the Oilers may never again reap what they sowed (drafted) in 1979 and 1980, not counting Gretzky coming over from the Indy Racers. Those players the Oil drafted in those years was a mother lode of sheer talent and toughness. 

    I hope Katz, Lowe and Gretzky continue to make the Oilers competitive and keep improving. I really mean that. Us Flames fans need Edmonton as much as they need us. . .yet the rivalry and the distaste and dislike the teams, the cities and the fans have for each other is and will always be there. They're locked into a perpetual, endless embrace and tango from which they can't unclench.

    Think Batman and the Joker.

    Flames rule, Coilers drool.

    Go Flames Go!!!!

  • bill
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    2 months ago

    Fans in Edmonton drool that what would the Oilers be like with Lafreniere but history would say that they'd be the same as now.

  • Mike W
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    2 months ago

    I'd hardly call Connor McDavid a wasted 1st pick.  He can't win the Stanley Cup all by himself, but he's a good start.  

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  • The league doesn't have that power.  In a way, it would be perfectly fitting for that to happen.  Peak 2020 stuff.  Maybe he can get misused like all the other picks and beg to be let go.

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