How do you keep little gnats/fruit flies away? I have bleached the sinks, and put out apple cider vinegar traps, but they come back.  Help.?

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    5 months ago

    Put all your fruit leftovers in ziplock bags before you throw them away . We had this problem and this cured it .  You can't miss any banana peals or cores for this to work . We kept the bag on the counter zipped and added peals to it for a couple of days before we got another one to save on bags .

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    They're laying eggs in something in your kitchen, most likely. So you catch some, but there's no end to the supply of new ones.

    One shelf at a time, empty the cupboards and inspect everything that isn't already in a glass container with a tight lid. I bet you'll find a source in some seldom-used product, like the tail end of a box of cereal, an opened bag of nuts held shut with a rubber band, or that box of pasta or rice that doesn't have enough left for a meal. (I found my infestation in nuts.)

    I've never done this but read that it works. Minimize what's in your freezer. One shelf at a time, if possible, freeze everything in a bag or box for 24 hours. This is supposed to kill any eggs or larvae. (Or wait for winter and set the stuff outside where critters can't get at it.)

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