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Poll: The 5 most diverse cities in North America are.....?

1) Montreal

2) Montreal 

3) Montreal

4) Montreal

5) Montreal

There you have it! Montreal is not only the most diverse city, but the ONLY diverse city in NA. It is majority black (Haitian) with Chinese, Indians, Jews, Italians, Arabs, Greeks, Irish and Anglo Saxons. 

Do you ever see ethnic minorities or non-Americans/non-Canadians in NYC? LA? Toronto? Vancouver? Chicago? DC? No you don't!

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    A wonderful example of multiculturalism.

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    You clearly never travel. But Toronto is routinely found to be the most diverse North American city when such studies are done. I believe Mexico City is a close second with NYC and L.A. following. Honorable mention to Miami. Montreal is still 69% Caucasian. 

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