Should I still get tested for COVID weekly? ?

So I had to quit my job at a psych hospital. And for the last month I’ve been getting tested weekly since about a month ago people at work started to test positive. I’ve been staying with my parents for the summer Theyre high risk especially my mom who is diabetic. but will be moving back to my apartment at the end of the month. Since the fall semester at my college starts up again. 

Anyways since I won’t be in a high risk setting of getting exposed to the virus and won’t be with my parents that often after this month. Should I continue to get tested every week or just get tested once or twice a month? Or obviously if I feel symptoms? 

Im not worried getting sick from this. I don’t have any underlining health issues that I know off. But it’s my parents I worry about especially my mom. My dad had an uncle who just passed away from Covid and he was diabetic as well. 

Im just trying to be cautious about this around people who can get very sick for Covid. 


Btw my mom is diabetic, my dad takes blood thinners for blood clots. 

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    Virologists now report that the life cycle of COVID-19 has increased a few days to 14 days. I assume you are being tested for free, and I wonder whether a weekly test is necessary.D

    o you visit the same testing center or location? Will testing personnel recognize you and question why you are being tested weekly. Testing personnel may think you are taking needed testing materials weekly that could be used to test another person. Stanford University Medical School in California report that young people ages 13-24 who smoke tobacco, marijuana, vaping are greatly increased to test positive for COVID-19. If you or your friends are smokers, they should do their best to quit smoking if possible. Try to limit the amount of smoking attempts daily with some aids like sugarless gum or similar aids. 


  • 5 months ago

    If you have been away from your job for a month and not exposed to other people, you can stop getting tested. Even if you got it at work, you're not contagious anymore. I'm not sure what sense it made to go from this job where you might have been exposed to staying with your parents, if you're worried about them- you should have stayed away from them for 14 days to be sure you weren't contagious. Please note that even if you get tested, by the time you test positive, you would already have exposed your parents. Getting tested is not preventative care. Wear your mask, wash your hands, don't go to parties, and you won't risk exposing your parents. 

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