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Is it normal to change really drastically from ages 18 to 29?

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    This statement is only to be used as an example for people who use Meth. This drug can age a person almost to the point of not recognizing someone. Meth seems to attack the face more strongly than other drugs and cause teeth to rotten and fall out of mouth. Heavy lines in the face add to the appearance. Go to Google and search for Meth to learn other organs of the body that are damaged from Meth addition.


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    Yes it is. After 21 your collagen levels start to diminish.

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    Absolutely. These are the years in which we think like entry-level adults and are exposed to people our parents didn't pick for us. Most of us live independently and are able to try different things, including different lifestyles, the kinds of people we spend time with, and what we do with our free time. We may rethink the values our parents attempted to instill in us, keeping some and rejecting others.

    It's not at all unusual to be a very, very different person in your late twenties than you were in your late teens.

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    Of course. It would be abnormal NOT to change. For one thing, the part of the brain that makes rational decisions isn't fully formed until the early 20s. 

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