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How come South Africa reverted to black rule after Apartheid, but Germany didn't revert to Jewish rule after the fall of Nazi Germany?

How come after the end of Apartheid South Africa was reverted back to black rule, but after the end of Nazi Germany, Germany wasn't reverted back to Jewish rule? 

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    Because in S. Africa, the overwhelming number of people were black even in its 1st (1904) census (67.5% black African, 21.6% white).  The black population per capita has soared since then while whites & others have declined.  In the 2011 census (latest), blacks are 79.2% of the population, whites just 8.9%.  It's natural that the main population group governs the country.

    In Germany, Jews were never more than a tiny percentage of the population.  It was never under "Jewish rule." 

    Further, Israel has bilked $Billions from Germany across the last 70+ years in "reparations", so Jews can have their own homeland.  Ironically, that was all that Hitler et al. ever wanted for them in the 1st place.  It was only after France & the U.K. so stridently resisted using any of their imperialist seizures for that purpose that fatal measures were resorted to.      

    For the record: To write "reverted back to" is a redundancy.  To revert MEANS " to go back". When you don't know the meaning of a word you're about to use, seeks its definition in a dictionary.  That way, you don't get "IDIOT" tattooed on your forehead.  

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    Because it was not ruled by Jews but by political classes.

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    Germany was never ruled by Jews so it couldn't "revert back" to being ruled by then.  Before the Holocaust, Germany was only about 1% Jewish.  Since many German Jews had been killed, or in lucky cases emigrated, their post war numbers were even smaller. 

    In South Africa the majority of the population was, and always had been, black.  So when Apartheid ended and South Africa became a true democracy for the first time of course the leaders were going to be mostly black. 

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    At the end of the Apartheid era in South Africa, whites made up approximately thirteen percent of the population of the country. Today, whites account for less than ten percent. To have thirteen percent of the population lording over the other eighty-seven percent and relegating them to being second-class citizens with fewer rights is completely mad. The only way that white South Africans were able to remain in power for so long was by marginalizing the majority of South African citizens. Jews were never a majority in Germany. In 1933, there were approximately half a million Jews in Germany out of a population of about 70 million, meaning that Jews made up less than one percent of the population. Obviously that number was far, far smaller at the end of the war. What excuse could the world community possibly have conjured up to justify putting an infinitesimal sliver of the population in charge in post-war Germany? 

    Before Europeans came to what would later become South Africa, the land belonged to black Africans. Jews had no claim to Germany, and thus had no claim to be elevated above German citizens, even if those Jews were themselves German citizens. Look at what's happened to South Africa since the end of the Apartheid era. 

    South Africa had a GDP of nearly $140 billion in 1994. It's expected to rise to around $295 billion this fiscal year. Adjusted for inflation, South Africa's GDP in 1994 would be worth around $245 billion today, so it hasn't gone up much in the past 26 years. In comparison, Germany's GDP in 1994 was $2.2 trillion. Today, it's $3.4 trillion. South Africa has seen a 17 percent increase over 26 years. Germany has seen a 36 percent increase during the same time period. That's more than double. South Africa's population has also increased by 20 million since 1994. Germany's population has increased by about 2 million since 1994. So, South Africa's population has risen by about 33% and Germany's by about 2%. The per capita GDP in Germany today is $46,500. South Africa's per capita GDP is around $7,000. 

    Putting people in charge out of a misguided sense of obligation will inevitably lead to major problems. Had South Africa implemented a system where power was transferred over time, and only after certain benchmarks had been reached, would have led to a smoother transition. Instead, "out with the old, in with the new" became the law of the land, and things went to pot. 

    The percentage of whites in South Africa is about 30% lower today than it was when Apartheid was abolished. If current trends continue, it's expected that by 2045 there will be fewer than 3 million whites left in South Africa and they will account for less than 3 percent of the population of the country. Everybody sees the handwriting on the wall, and white South Africans who are in a position to get out of the country are leaving in droves - mostly for Australia, New Zealand and the UK. When the number of whites in South Africa starts to resemble the numbers in neighbouring countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe, South Africa will degrade to being just like those countries. 

    That's what happens when you hand people something they don't deserve because you feel it's the best way to compensate them for unjust treatment. 

    Perhaps the United States should elevate the Mohican tribe to being the top echelon of American society and turn over all administrative duties to them. Running casinos doesn't prepare you for statecraft. 

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    There was no "black rule" in South Africa before apartheid. 

     South Africa became 'South Africa" when the British empire took control of the Dutch colonies.  The  Dutch (the Boers or Afrikaans) had their colonies before that and the Zulus and other Black peoples had their lands.

    And there was no "Jewish rule" in Germany.  Jews in Germany were  German citizens before the Hitler regime and Germans ruled Germany, whatever their religion.

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    Blacks are a large majority in South Africa, although all races share in government there.  There weren't many Jews in Germany, especially after most of them being exterminated.

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    you cannot revert to something that never was the Jews never Ruled Germany from 1919  the USA controlled German money with the Dawes and Young plans

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