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I was treated quite well in police custody, given 2 pillows, 2 blankets as well, is it because they knew I had mental health ?

Problems? I was on a constant with 2 officers the whole time. 


Babe you don’t stay there 48 hours🤣 you weird little freak. If they thought I was attention seeking sweetheart why didn’t the custody sergeant just tell them to leave? They never had to stay. Baby I never pretend and also I never went to jump either I was helping out a friend😂 you loser. No baby I don’t like police custody nor would I like prison. It isn’t easier for me to be arrested since I don’t commit crimes🤣😂

Update 2:

You’re a judgmental, hateful person who spreads stigma, you’re a loser with no friends, no life, how sad for you. 

Update 3:

I’m not a borderline, I’m a human being. You nasty thing. Or at least call me a prisoner, not a borderline you scumbag. Btw I was happy for them to lock me in and close the door. 

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    Go away repetition troll.

    Everybody please report this for posting the same question over and over again, which is explicitly against the community guidelines:

    “Misusing Answers

    Don't create multiple accounts to troll or otherwise violate these guidelines or the Yahoo Terms of Service. Don't post things that are incomprehensible or in the wrong language, and don't post the same question over and over again.

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    Law enforcement professionals don't want the hassle of dealing with a suicide on their watch, so they take measures to prevent it.

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