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I feel dumb and don't know what to do with my life anymore?

I've been busy the last couple of days trying to develop my character and try to stop wasting time as much as possible. I noticed how quickly I got tired of reading books and how quickly I lost focus. I've been in a 2 year gap since graduating high school. I worked for the first year and was pretty good at my job but noticed that I couldn't easily handle stress. I noticed throughout my life that people always called me smart and kind hearted but somehow I could never understand that. I decided last week that I really have to get my degree and start a career before it's too late. Since I was working on my personality, I read Jordan Peterson's, "12 rules of life," and watched a lot of his videos. I have tremendous respect for him and wish him to get healthy soon again. However, lately i've been feeling very dumb and kind of suicidal due to this. I see myself as a complete failure as I had so many ambitions that I did not pursue. I thought to myself well that's not a big issue, i'm still young but I noticed that focusing and studying is just so hard for me. 


I decided to take an IQ test as Jordan mentioned that is how you can see what kind of job you fit into. I took multiple tests each time I got between 100 - 125. Confused me? That's a big difference in terms of career paths. I just think i'm beginning to understand that the things I wanted in life are not for me and I could never achieve them. The strange thing is that I also am not EXTREMELY passionate about anything. I need to go for something more simple I think? 

Update 2:

In my eyes I thought I knew what good and bad meant, after watching Jordan's videos I feel as though i'm not a good person anymore and i've just been lying to myself. Have I been the best I could be to others? I'm also religious, so the meaning of life to me was, be grateful, help others, pray and everything will be alright. Now i'm not so sure about that either. I just feel all confused and everything and don't really know what to do with my life anymore. 

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    Hi. You say you're religious but now you're unsure. The meaning of life is tied in with spirituality and God and being grateful, helping others and praying are all good things but doesn't mean everything will be all right. Why not download the article on the website below which discusses the question about what to do. You might even want to take a look at the dvd of the same name. Will I Do With My Life?

    Source(s): CHAPTER 38 - What Will I Do With My Life?
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    You should get a job where you are self employed.

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    Maybe you're not suited to studying. That's okay. Some people are good with books, some people are good with their hands, etc. You just have to find what you like to do and pursue it. Don't live just to please others. What do YOU want?

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    Working for nature is working for yourself.

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