What size wire should I use to power my shed?

This shed will be a workshop with many 220v items in it.  The sub-panel will be located no more than 270' away from the main panel, and there will never be more than one major tool operating at a time.  That is, while the shop will have a planer, a jointer, a table saw, a bandsaw, power tools, a car lift, a 220v welding machine, etc..., I'm not going to using the car lift while also welding and running the table saw.  Aside from a handful of shop lights, and perhaps the window A/C unit I'll install in an enclosed and insulated room, only one or 2 things will ever run at the same time.

My biggest concern is with making sure that the wire that I run will be enough to handle the largest current draws (which will undoubtedly involve the car lift).  The best information I have found only goes up to 6 AWG and only to about 200', for 100 amp service (which is what I intend to run to my shop).  At 270', I'm worried about what's best to use.  I want the wire to be good enough to handle the current, but I don't want it to be so big that it can't be wired through a conventional 100 amp 2-pole breaker (for instance, I initially thought of saying, "Hang it all" and running 4/0, but that's overkill, and I'm not going to try wiring a main service line).

Any guidance, personal knowledge or resources would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Your subpanel should be 100a with #4 copper or #2 aluminum. If you use #6 wire, the subpanel should be reduced to 60a.

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    5 months ago

    I think you might want a pro the answer your questions ...............

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