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Does compliance = consent?

This guy I hadn’t talked to in about a year texted me and a few days later asked to hang out. I really didn’t want to but he kept asking so I said ok. He specifically said it wasn’t a booty call (it was like 1 am after I got off work). When he picked me up in his car we were talking normally and he pulled over in a parking lot. He started kissing me and I didn’t fight it but I didn’t want to. Then he was trying so hard to get me to give him oral sex and I finally just gave in and did it. And after I just felt wrong.

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  • 5 months ago

    No it is not.  

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    Yes, compliance does equal consent. The law usually indicates that if one acts in a manner that implys consent (such as compliance) then one has legally given consent. If, after presented a contract, one begins to act as if he/she has agreed to the contract, even without signing the contract, they have agreed to the contract as if they had signed the contract.

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    You failed to listen to your intuition from the moment you did not want to see him.

    You took his call.

    You arranged to see him.

    You got in his car.

    You allowed him to kiss you.

    You opened your mouth to preform oral sex.

    You failed to stop the initial contact from esculating.

    You are responsible for your own actions.

    You consented.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Even though you didn't specifically say "no," your actions did.  File a report with the local police. 

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    Compliance doesn't equal consent.  But based upon your question you did in fact consent.  An example of compliance without consent is if the person forced you and under the threat of physical violence that you couldn't escape, and you gave into his demands.  Or you did so at an age or condition where you couldn't give legal consent (like being drunk).

  • Maxi
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    5 months ago

    You consented........... regreting your stupid decision unless you are under age and so couldn't legally give consent..... so this is more about the lack of your self esteem and KNOWING exactly what he wanted and him KNOWING you will comply with what he wants and you still agreed

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    The way you describe it there, it sounds like consent to me. Having regrets or feeling wrong about it doesn't mean you were coerced into doing something against your will.

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    You consented. End of.

    It felt wrong, because you cheapened yourself. 

    You arranged to meet a guy you hadn't spoken to in year - nothing wrong with that..

    But it goes downhill when you agree to meet him at 1am in his car???? Why? What did you expect? Coffee or dinner?

    He then tries his luck and you didn't say no or get out of the car!

    A lesson learned here. You are worth more than a quickie v in some guy's car at 1am!

    Be grateful that nothing worse happened to you.

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    5 months ago

    So you couldn't get out of the car?  I understand you're so spineless you can't say "no", but I assume he didn't lock you in.  If he did then what you're describing is sexual assault, but if you could simply open the door and leave then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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