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Can I get permission to have a sleepover in a store?

My friends and I want to do something really special for our birthday. When COVID is over, or restrictions in store-going, we plan to ask the manager of our local Yankee Candle Village if we could conduct a sleepover there. We're not doing one of those 24 hr challenge things. 

We would simply like to have a lock-in, with chaperones and security, fully willing to pay any electric, water, ac/heating used, or accidentally broken objects, for the night, clean up after ourselves and leave before opening time. We would only eat food we bought there, and on the day of and day after, we will buy merchandise from the store. If background checks are needed, we will provide them.

On these terms, would a store manager or employee allow us to do this?


Most businesses wouldn't object to a wedding,field trip, or home school event, why is this any different? 

We just want to spend a night in our favorite store. 

Yankee Candles are broken up, to they could lock up all the store and activity parts and we'd just have the main room or the christmas room.

Update 2:

The chaperones will be parents and/or family. We will pay for our own security, as we know the security guard or any employees are not at our disposal. This will be done after COVID, so it may even be a few years before we do this.

Update 3:

YouTubers and Influencers get permission to do this in a wide variety of stores, often takiing free products. Why can't we get permission? We'd also be buying merchandise from the store and not taking anything for free.

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    No, absolutely not.  Not under any circumstances.

  • 5 months ago

    You will not get permission for that.  Ever.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You want to do something "special."  Wonderful.  First off, covid  isn't "over."  Second, no one will give you permission because of insurance.  What happened to having a traditional sleepover?  Who did you get to "chaperone" this sleepover?  The store security guard isn't at your disposal if that's what your thinking.

  • 5 months ago

    There are really only a few people who can answer: the store owners / managers. Are you ready to post a $10,000 escrow bond? And buy event insurance?

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    Lol, you can't be serious.

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    5 months ago

    No, as they will object to it.

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    5 months ago

    maybe, isn't she popular among the wokes in the DNC?  I forgot but I dont run in those circles 

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