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Do you ever see the United States responsibly managing the Coronavirus pandemic? Do you believe things will ever seem like they used to be? ?

Everyone can see that this virus is out of control. I just wonder if I will ever be able to go to a grocery store without having to wear a mask not socially distance again. I do know that it is very important, but I would like to see it not seem as important some day, maybe in a couple of years. I wonder when and how long the next recession will last because of this virus. I can only hope that my family won't die from this virus. It is so tragic that the United States has so many cases and deaths because of how slowly and poorly we have reacted on a national level to control Covid-19. Golden Corral doesn't have the best food. But I will miss the days of going there on Veteran's Day to see all of the wonderful ww1/ww2/Vietnam war veterans. There were so many people in a small space. But no one ever got sick going there. It is a strange concept and a new one that if you go to a crowded place, that you will have a great risk of becoming infected with this strange new virus. People are much ruder wherever you go, always giving you a mean look when you stand within five feet of them because you can't avoid them in a narrow isle in a store. I have even thought if it was ever even necessary to wear thick masks for protection from spreading coughs. I know about those cheap blue dentist masks and the N-95 respirators, but until now, I had never seen a use for masks in between the levels of those types of masks. You have to wonder if there might not be a successful vaccine for 20 years

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    There’s a cure for Coronavirus, the antiviral drug, hydroxychloroquine sulfate. It’s been known for a long time. Those who hid this information from the public are guilty of genicide. 

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