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What does it mean when someone only talks about situations in their life? ?

So I have this friend. She suffers with anxiety allot and comes across quite reserved and shy. We meet up regularly. Every time we meet up she tells me the same stories over and over again, about how she had this falling out with her friend and goes into allot of detail for hours with the ins and outs of what happened and how frustrating it was for her. Usually I just listen to her and give her my take on things. Sometimes il say omg yeah you were telling me about this the last time we met up.. but shel continue with the same details as she did before. So the last time we met up, I decided it was my turn to tell her something that was going on with one of my friends, to see what way shed respond. After I'd finished speaking, she just didn't even agknowledge that I'd told her anything, and just diverted the conversation back to her but in a really unnatural awkward way. As in it was so obvious that her story was over and the conversation wasn't leading back to it. Is this some sort of narcissism? 

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    Maybe, but you also might have found someone who hasn't had lots of give and take conversations. Teach it by doing that for a bit and see if it changes.......

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