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Constant headaches during the night time. ?

I always have headaches during the night on the front of my head. I do believe I suffer with a sinus problem but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, I did an MRI three years ago cause I would get headaches and it was normal. The constant headaches just came back. I suffer with health anxiety and I do get anxious easily. I’m also on my phone all day so that could be a reason. Do you guys think it’s not a brain tumor since I don’t vomit, not dizzy, and I feel fine besides feeling a slight pressure/ pain on the front of my head. It’s usually in between my eyebrows 

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    Could be what you eat. Pork will do that especially if you possibly have some underline illnesses.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do you see a dentist regularly?  You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep which is often caused by stress and anxiety.  That can lead to terrible headaches.  Also, when did your eyes last get tested?  Looking at screens in dim light could also be another cause.  Both of these are more likely than a tumor by a long way.

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