Miscarriage! Need help?

I am around 3/4 weeks pregnant i been having pain since yesterday today i went to the restroom and a blood cloth fell into the toilet along with blood i called my dr and told me most likely it was a misscariage and just to wait unless i have a fever! My question here is will i need a ultrasound? To make sure there is no more baby?

1 Answer

  • LizB
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Not necessarily, since a blood test showing low or no hCG plus the bleeding would be sufficient evidence. Depends on what your doctor wants to do, though. 

    Just DON'T go to the ER unless the pain becomes severe and/or you have heavy bright red bleeding. Like enough to soak a pad quickly. Either can suggest an emergency situation, but for lesser symptoms call your doctor's office first. A nurse or the doctor on call can evaluate your symptoms and give you further instructions over the phone.

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