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Please help what would you do?

I am the oldest of three sisters and we are now in our forties. Growing up I always had a very close relationship with the middle sister. As we have gotten older I suddenly realized she has been trying to keep me and my youngest sister apart by gossip and lies about her. She would always say that she never talks to her ( we all live within thirty minutes drive of each other) when I would say have you heard from her because I hadn’t heard. Well now I realize why I never heard because she was fussing about me to her too! Now I confronted this sister About lies to me and my youngest sister to keep us apart  and she hasn’t spoken to me for over  a year and has blocked me in text etc! despite my trying to makeup numerous times she refuses and now my younger sister is very short when I text her as she has been for years anyhow due to the middle sister. I feel like I have no family now . They are my only siblings and strangers are nicer to me! The youngest sister has Christmas Eve at her house every year and I feel uncomfortable! My middle sister has to be dramatic and “ act” like she’s in a movie , very fake . Then there’s the younger sister and she pretty much ignores me and behaves in a condescending way toward me  🤔. I wish I had a living non competitive  family! 

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    Family can su*k...I found that out long ago. I stopped trying, No longer talk, see, any communication with them for many years. I live a much happier life now. think about it. Yes. friends can be so much better.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would just talk to them about it

  • Anonymous
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    You can't make them talk to you, unfortunately.  Stop trying to contact your sisters.  You don't need the stress.  If you're invited to Christmas eve, go.  This is their problem, not yours.

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    You don't have to feel uncomfortable yet! Christmas Eve is yet months away. And it'll be great that you go. By the time you are in your 50's it'll be important to build new bridges and establish a different friendly sisters bonding. Don't anticipate being the leader throughout your lives together. Some times things do not have to be talked out and confronted. A joke and a good mood can do wonders. Do hang on and work towards a better relationship in your 50's than you have now. They're busy cutting apron strings and living their own lives right now but I bet, unless the bridges get totally destroyed (they haven't been), in a decade the balances will change.  Have you tried visiting your sisters? Going out for a bite to eat and laugh? Without talking about who is doing what wrong to whomever and how it isn't fair to you? Laugh, eat, maybe have a glass of wine? 

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